"Hello everyone! I am delighted to be teaching my handstand class at The Arch and to share with you my love for handstanding. All levels are welcome as I'll be covering the basics (physical, mental and theoretical) on a regular basis. The general goal is to understand and learn all about the handstand so you can perform your handstand as efficiently and safe as possible."

Guillermo Justel weekly Handstand 2017 Class starts Friday 20th January. Guillermo will be teaching the basic foundations of a solid handstand. You'll learn alignment drills, cues, theory and ways to put into practice your handstanding abilities. This weekly class will run every Friday night at Building One from 6pm-7pm is suitable for all levels including absolute beginners. The class is for 1 hour and is limited to 7 persons per class. £12 per person. Drop-in or reserve your spot by booking at guillejusjus@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: From Friday 10th February classes at Building One will begin at 7pm.