The Arch Monthly Round-Up

It’s time once again to get excited for The Arch Monthly Round Up! Not only is TAMRU a great social climbing event, it’s also a great way to help raise money for a good cause, and this month is extra special as we will be using the proceeds to sponsor an Orangutan through the WWF!

The Orangutan population has declined by 50% in the last 60 years due to increasing rainforest destruction, caused predominantly by the creation of palm oil plantations. The WWF work to restore wildlife corridors, and promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil, and every route you climb at this months TAMRU will raise 50p to help them with their work. 

Better still, this isn’t all we’ve been doing to help fight deforestation...

For a couple of years now, we have offered a 30p discount on coffee or tea if you use your own takeaway cup. What’s more, if you buy one of our Arch branded KeepCup’s, you’ll get a free coffee with your purchase! The idea behind this was, as it is for many businesses now, to encourage customers to help reduce waste by using reusable coffee cups instead of a single-use takeaway cup. 

However, back in March we upped the ante a little bit, and began to charge 10p for the use of a takeaway cup as a way of not only discouraging their use, but also of raising money to go towards planting trees.

By donating the profits from the takeaway cups we’ve sold, we will be helping to plant 7 trees!! We are going to be doing so through the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre.

In May we supported The Felix Project, a charity dedicated to fighting food waste. They collect fresh food from suppliers and deliver it to people in need of a good meal. Cutting down on food waste greatly increases overall farming efficiency and slows the progress of deforestation. Have a look at what they do here.

If you yourself would like to donate some money towards planting trees, hit up this link, if you’d like to sponsor your own Orangutan or another animal, go check out WWF, and if you’d be interested in fighting food waste locally, please visit The Felix Project.

The event kicks off at 6pm on Friday September 27th in our Acton centre. We’ll have food, prizes, music, cool lighting, an MC and DJ, massages, not to mention 30 new blocs to climb!

Joe Partridge

Sustainability Coordinator