The Arch at the ‘Green Heart Hero’ Awards

Credit: Liam Finn CAFOD

Credit: Liam Finn CAFOD

As some of you may know, The Arch was recently nominated for a Green Heart Hero Award as part of the Climate Coalition’s Share the Love campaign, and on the 11th of March, Dom and myself attended the awards ceremony in Westminster Palace!

Walking into the Terrace Pavilion (after a very thorough security check!), the room was abuzz with changemakers from all sorts of backgrounds, from young school children, through to Peers of the Realm. Running proceedings for the evening was Clive Anderson, who made very sure the night wasn’t short of a few laughs.

It wasn’t until I read through the programme and saw some of the nominees that I realised the size of the awards evening… M&S, BT, Ecotricity and Ed Milliband to name a few!

The Arch had been nominated for Sustainability in Sport, due to our efforts to reduce the wall’s impact on the environment, and we were delighted to find out that we had been shortlisted to the final three! With so many high calibre nominations, it was really great to see that our efforts had been recognised at such an event.


As we made our way through the incredible nominations, it was wonderful to see the work being done by other changemakers, and definitely offered a great deal of inspiration. I think my favourite award winner has to be a young girl named Elsie Luna, who went to the offices of all the major oil companies, and requested to speak to the CEO about their impacts on climate change. Having been turned away by most, Elsie ended up having a meeting with the head of Shell in the UK… she’s 10.

Finally, we made it to our category, where we were up against Dartford Football Club and Marylebone Cricket Club at Lords Cricket Ground, who had both completed major building changes to lower their environmental impact. Alas, we did not win the award, but I think given the size of our competitors, I’m still blown away that we were in the running for the top three. Congratulations to Dartford FC for taking the win.

So no award, but who knows, with some more hard work and some fresh inspiration, maybe we can win next year! If you’ve got any sustainability ideas to help us get there, or if you have any questions about our sustainability efforts, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to Megan Rowland for nominating us for the award, it means so much!