(UPDATE) The Tour: An Arch Open Comp


Acton Special Hours:

July 26th Friday: Closed

July 27th Saturday: Open 9am for semi-finalist climbers AND spectators already registered in The Arch database.

3pm: All registered climbers allowed on the Lower, Middle, Upper Tiers, all spectators not on The Arch database (walk-ins) allowed in.

5pm: Finals!


To everyone that participated in the qualifying round, thank you so much! We’re incredibly happy you chose to spend your time with us!

We’ve recently changed our spectating rules for the Semis and Finals. Spectators are now allowed in during the semis (9am-3pm) so long as they’re registered with The Arch and don’t climb until after 3pm. Any person(s) not registered with The Arch will be allowed in after 3pm but must stay either in the Cafe area or downstairs at the Stage Wall. We’re sorry for the confusion and changes, we want to make sure everyone is safe during the event!


All Semi-Finalists:

Ball, Daniel

Bensley, Frances

Bernard, Louise

Bignold, Elias

Bihuci, Franz

Birchall, Kristian

Birges, Gergo

Bitard, Franck

Bowe, Alan

Broom, George

Campbell, AJ

Carroll, Fergus

Cheung, John

Childs, Rae

Coleman, Leanne

Collom, David

Deller, Adam

Duan, George

Ewert, Julia

Fairlamb, Zoe

Ferguson, Royce

Fitzpatrick, Sinead

Frange, Antoine

Furtjes, Anna

Gibson, Tom

Glaister, Wain

Goddard, Julian

Gourtay, Clem

Ho, Jessica

Holland, Cassy

Hulacki, Tad

James, Ollie

Kavanagh, Joe

Kellas, Alex

Kinch-Waugh, Flora

Komarov, Oleg

Kong, Yin Ying

Korolczuk, Tomasz

Krishek, Elliot

Krupan, Tomas

Kubica, Mateusz

Lai, Qiuying

Lee, Sol

Li, Dana

Mclean, David

McMahon, Will

Morton, Spike

Navarro, Raul

North Ridao, Miriam

Nowacka, Diana

O'Neill, Tom

Oosting, Susie

Pan, Chun Lim

Pestana, Goncalo

Petit, Olivier

Phillips, Andy

Polo, Nicolas

Prescott, Alex

Recio, Unai

Roberts, Aidan

Rose, Rebecca

Rosu, Teodor

Sariev, Anton

Searle, Tim

Sirrell, Rachel

Stanford, Alfred

Taplin, Jasmine

Tyler-Rubinstein, Nadia

Varela-Christie, Matt

Varnals, Ben

Voicu, Claudiu

Weereratne, Cheehan

Williams, Cameron

Wilson, Brenna

Semi-finals will be held 9am-3pm Saturday 27 July. Participants in THE TOUR semis will receive a free competition t-shirt (must be collected on the day) and gain entry to Acton free of charge (shoe hire fees still apply). Spectators will be allowed in for the semi-finals provided they do not climb and are already registered with The Arch. Please bring a form of ID. Climbers will self-score on a scoresheet and judges will be present on certain blocs. 30 blocs will be distributed throughout the Acton centre. Points will be awarded based on the number of attempts to climb a bloc: 10 points for a flash, 7 points for the 2nd attempt, 4 points for the 3rd, 1 point for all attempts after that. ZONE holds work in the same way as during the qualifying round (only counted if bloc is not completed). The rules during semi-finals are the same as well, with only a few differences:

  • Start on holds marked by “THE TOUR” tag. Both hands and feet will be marked with coloured tape.

  • You must not work (practice) the moves in the problems. If you fall off, your next attempt must begin on the start holds again.

At 3pm we will ask for all scorecards to be turned in (if they haven’t already) and begin tallying the results. The Tiers will re-open to all climbers and we’ll announce the finalists as soon as possible! Feel free to invite non-climbers to spectate the finals. Anyone wishing to watch the competition will be allowed free entry so long as they don’t climb and remove their shoes when walking on the mats. We’ll have a food truck, beers, cool lighting, an MC, lawn games, and friendly vibes.

During the Finals, we’ll operate much in the same way as typical IFSC competitions. The Training Area will be used for isolation, climbers will be given 2 minutes observation and 4 minutes for climbing on each bloc. Each boulder will be marked with a start tag and coloured tape to denote both hands and feet.

In the first round of finals, 2 men’s blocs, 2 women’s blocs and 1 unisex bloc will be climbed by all 12 finalists. The top 2 men and top 2 women will then move on to the final men’s and women’s bloc!

IFSC rules can be found here.

We’re proud to officially announce The Tour: An Arch Open Competition! Without further ado, here are the details:

We’ll be setting and tagging 30 qualifier blocs (V2 -V9) in each Arch Climbing centre on June 24th. The tags will be up until July 22nd for a total of 4 weeks. Qualifier blocs won’t be graded as our normal routes are, i.e. a tiger could end up being V9, a red could be V2, etc. Grab a scorecard from a member of our staff (rules can be found below) to keep track of your tops and zones. Hand it in before closing time on Monday July 22nd to be officially entered into the comp. The more centres you visit and climbs you complete will increase your chances of qualifying! We’ll post the results the following day.

The top 50 men and top 50 women in the qualifying round will move onto the Semi-Finals, and all climbers who qualify will receive a bespoke Arch Comp T-shirt. Semis will be held on Saturday July 27th throughout the ENTIRE Acton centre. From there, the top 6 men and top 6 women will move onto the Finals, held the same day at Acton.

For the Finals, 3 separate blocs each will be set for men and women, with one unisex bloc for both groups (7 total).

Both 1st place finishers from the men and women’s groups will receive a prize of £250. 2nd place finishers will receive 3 months free climbing at The Arch. 3rd place finishers will receive 1 month of free climbing.

We’ll be releasing the finer details about the finals in the coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye on our social and website!


  • Start on holds marked by “THE TOUR” tags – there may be one or two start holds.

  • All wall features and volumes are allowed unless instructed otherwise.

  • Bolt holes are not a ‘feature’!

  • All problems finish by matching both hands on the last hold in a controlled manner.

  • ‘ZONE’ holds are marked with a ‘ZONE” tag and must be held in a controlled manner.

  • ‘ZONE’ holds only count if you do not complete the problem.

A ‘ZONE’ hold will be present on every climb and are used to tie-break in the event two climbers have the same number of ‘TOPS’. The ‘ZONE’ hold may be held by one hand or two and must aid your progression on the climb.

Our normal resets in the centres will not affect THE TOUR blocs…they will stay up for the duration of the qualifying round.


  • Write an ‘X’ in the ‘TOP’ box for successfully completing the bloc.

  • Write an ‘X’ in the ‘ZONE’ box if you are unsuccessful on the bloc but reach the ‘ZONE’ hold.

  • If you do not send a bloc or reach the ‘ZONE’ hold, please leave both boxes blank for that particular bloc.

If you have questions or comments, please email us at info@archclimbingwall.com