Please note that a climbing centre is a dangerous environment, and visitors of all ages must behave in a safe way at all times, or else they will not be permitted to use the centre

If our entrance policy is unclear, or if you have any questions about participating in indoor climbing, please contact us:

For all persons aged 18 Years and over:

When you visit one of our centres for the first time you have 3 options:

  • Option 1: previous bouldering experience will be required (you may be asked some basic safety questions by our reception team)

  • Option 2: you will need to be accompanied on your first visit by another adult who is an experienced boulderer

Please note, if you’re visiting Building One+, you can supervise 1 novice climber during peak hours, or 2 novice climbers during off peak hours (before 4pm on weekdays). If you’re visiting Arch North or Arch Acton, you can supervise 2 novice climbers at any time. The supervisor must have climbed at least 4 times at our centres (or 1 month elsewhere). They may be asked some basic safety questions by our reception team

  • Option 3: an Introduction Lesson will need to be pre-booked for your first visit, after which you can climb unsupervised at any time – please visit Learn to find out more and book a lesson if required

For all persons under 18 Years:

Please view our information for under 18s by clicking here.

Useful first time visitor information

  • You do not need a harness, ropes or even a climbing partner - all our centres offer a type of climbing known as "bouldering" with walls up to 4.5m high, above thick safety mats

  • You can hire shoes (or buy your own) at any centre. Liquid chalk is also available for purchase

  • Temperatures in our centres can be influenced by external weather conditions. We recommend layering clothing to suit your personal comfort across a range of situations

  • Please refrain from placing water bottles, chalk, phones, etc. on the mats in high-traffic areas

  • All of our admissions, including memberships and prepaid climbs, are valid across all of our centres and for the entirety of the day

  • Please bring a small padlock to secure your locker, alternatively you can purchase a padlock from reception at all centres



We don’t charge any registration fees!

Mondays and Fridays are student days at Arch North & Acton- £5 entry all day!

  • Single Peak   £11 (Weekdays after 4pm & all day Weekends + Bank Holidays.

  • Single Off Peak   £8.50

  • 10 Entries (Any time, no expiry)   £85

  • 1 Month membership   £55

  • 3 Month membership  £140

  • 6 Month membership   £250

  • 1 Year membership   £450

  • Under 18's   Peak £5.50 | Off-Peak £4 (please see U18's information)

  • Hire shoes   £3

Concession rates