Andy, high above London. ©Zofia Reych

Andy, high above London. ©Zofia Reych

In this first podcast from The Arch, Fred speaks with Andy Day about photography, climbing, parkour, buildering, architecture & urban exploration.

Andy's known mostly as a photographer. But through his varied work, he occupies an interesting position, being part of both the climbing and parkour scenes, as well as the lesser known world of Buildering which we explore in this episode. We discuss many topics including soloing high buildings, climbing as a public performance, re-appropriating public space, autotelia, and Andy's current life as a digital nomad in the bouldering paradise of Magic Wood, Switzerland. 

This is our first go at recording an interview, and the results aren't perfect on the tech or presenter fronts, but Andy makes a very eloquent, thoughtful & enjoyable interviewee, so please give it a listen and we hope you enjoy it:

Show notes:

Andy's website featuring his photography portfolio, blog and contact details. - Andy is involved with this site which is a resource of FAQ's, podcasts, galleries & videos about Buildering with the wonderful tagline: "Misinterpreting architecture."

Victoria Henry climbed The Shard as part of a team of 6, to raise awareness for a Greenpeace campaign in 2013

Andy mentions the parkour/climber/athletes Bobby Gordon-Smith & Tim Shieff 

The International Gathering '16 workshop that Andy is teaching in Denmark 17-23rd July 2016

The Urban Exploration article that Andy mentions is by Theo Kyndinis and can be found here

This is Andy's photo of Thomas Couetdic in Hampi, India which hangs in our office and which we talk about towards the end of the interview:

(All photos in this article are taken by Andy Day & used with his kind permission, apart from the cover image ©Julie Angel and Andy's portrait ©Zofia Reych)