The Arch Climbing Wall are proud to be hosting a super climbing fitness event’ “ClimbFlow x Blocfit” on Saturday 3rd September.

ClimbFlow is the original dynamic yoga movement + functional fitness fusion method created by Tiffany Soi for Climbers. The ante is being upped with supercharged guided movement from climbing fitness expert Blocfit. You will flow between fluid and challenging movement designed to develop strength, power, control & range of mobility from the core outwards. It is a one-hour workout that will put you through your paces but is full of fun for everyone. There will be Q&A time at the end of each session. What’s more, we have incredible sponsors supporting this event who will be providing superb hydration, protein fuel & muscle soothing body care for all our attendees!

Head to to secure your spot at one of two sessions happening in the morning. £16 advance booking, limited spaces so get your hands on them ASAP!

Until then, get a taster for ClimbFlow by trying out this 15 minute fast paced flow, made for climbers, to fire up & activate the whole body. This is a great sequence to try pre/post climbing session and on cross training days to engage multiple muscle groups and increase flexibility & mobility at the same time, all whilst developing serious core, back and shoulder strength. It is excellent antagonistic conditioning to all the usual pulling activities, and great for waking up underused muscles.

ClimbFlow @climbflow
ClimbFlow was born organically out of Tiffany’s athletic experience, training, her fundamental passion for rock climbing, and work with some of Britain’s leading personal trainers, physical therapists and rehab specialists. The result is a unique dynamic yoga movement + functional fitness method providing an optimal workout for climbers. The method offers yoga movement that is accessible and accomplishable by everyone and fitness sequences that develop strength, flexibility, power & mobility from the core outwards. ClimbFlow is the extra dimension of training for any climber or athlete looking to make functional gains whatever their goals. Tiffany has been featured in Elle UK magazine, and Women’s Health Thailand.

Blocfit @blocfit
Blocfit was created by Dave Culver to provide tailored climbing specific training to climbers of all abilities in order to develop power, strength, endurance & mobility. Dave has worked with novices and aspiring talent up to Arch sponsored Team GB athletes both junior and senior, including current British Bouldering Champion and archclimbing routesetter Matt Cousins. The blocfit instagram feed is full of helpful exercises and challenges that everyone can use in their own training.