Since the Women's Climbing Symposium, the female staff at the Arch have developed an unhealthy obsession with Lynn Hill and all the awesomeness that she stands for. I remind myself of her words everyday -

We can all do the best with what we’ve got. 

(not exact quote but she said something similar that day…)

I hear myself passing on her wise words on lessons and to any unfortunate friends that have spent time with me since.


The theme this year was ‘Inspire’ and there is no doubt that we left feeling a deep sense of psyche and gratitude for this amazing climbing world we live and work in. The talks and workshops were excellent as always - insights not only for us as climbers but a rare opportunity to experience and learn from the coaching, setting and lectures from established women in our field. 


This little trip has brought the team closer and from psyche spawns more psyche. Boxes have been jumped on, walls were run at, fingerboards have been hung on, crag warm ups have been revised, and I definitely only grasp mugs with back 3 now (Thanks Nina!). 


Until the next one, we look forward to our weekly Women's Improvers classes that run every Wednesday at Arch North and Building One. The WCS is an annual event, but it’s mission of ‘Connect, Develop, Inspire’ can be an everyday affair :)