For our February event we are supporting Arch climber Chris Luk and ActionAid. Chris is a designer at Cartoon Network and in June this year, he and a team will be travelling to rural Kenya, to a small village near Wote, south of Nairobi for a week. They will be helping to build a dormitory and a toilet block for girls who attend the Kyuasini School.

The team and their company have paid all the trip costs and are fundraising for the construction which is to protect the girls from physical and sexual violence, which is often experienced on the long journey to and from school. It will also give them extra time to study, and proper toilets facilities will help stop the spread of disease. Both issues affect attendance as girls are too scared to walk the long distance to and from school, and they miss school for several days due to monthly occurrences so the new buildings will make a huge difference to their education and future chances.

On the 24th this month our Comp Wall at the Biscuit will be set to feature 30 climbs. All climbs achieved on the night will be worth 50p each and all money raised by you will be donated by us in support for this hugely important build. If you'd like to get in touch or simply make a pledge to support Chris and his team visit