The fitness movement method for climbers is back! The Arch is proud to be hosting Tiffany Soi once again for her sellout ClimbFlow workouts. For more details and to get your hands on tickets for two limited sessions at

Saturday 3rd June 11:00-12:15 — ClimbFlow Signature workout

Saturday 24th June 10:30-13:00 — ClimbFlow Workshop (including signature workout)

Only 18 tickets per session and the previous sessions sold out in a week, so be quick!

ClimbFlow was started at The Arch in early 2016 by established national & international competitive climber Tiffany Soi and has since been spreading across the globe: ClimbFlow was born organically out of athletic experience and training with some leading specialists & therapists. The result is a unique dynamic yoga movement + functional fitness method providing an optimal workout & excellent antagonistic conditioning for climbers, or indeed, anyone with athletic & fitness pursuits.



Feedback for ClimbFlow from the climbing community has been immense:

”As a climber, Climbflow focuses exactly on the weaknesses that I need to improve on that I usually can't get from my strength training. You wouldn't think that it's possible to be strong AND flexible from the same workout but it provides exactly that. It's tremendous!”

“It was so much more fun than ordinary yoga. After this session, I had my best lead climbing session in over a month, felt positive, relaxed and stronger than usual”

“It boosts my strength and flexibility, helps to ward off injury and aid recovery. Moving in playful ways to build up your core is great!”

Reserve your spot pronto, it’s going to be a fun set of classes! Need some prep til then? Check out the current Core videos as part of an Arch Climbing Movement Series and subscribe to the YouTube channel.