Getting injured sucks. Not only do you have to take time off from climbing, but you sometimes also have to pay for weeks or months of physiotherapy on top of it. Worst of all, getting back on the wall after rehabbing an injury, every minor ache or twinge is liable to give you that sinking  "here we go again" feeling, and before you know it going climbing feels like less fun than filling out a risk assessment form.

There is a solution!

We're honoured to have The Climbing Doctor himself, Dr. Jared Vagy PT coming all the way from Los Angeles to run a one off injury prevention clinic at The Biscuit Factory centre on Sunday August 6th at 11am.

Dr Jared is a world authority on climbing injuries, and more importantly, how to prevent them. This one and a half hour clinic is a hands on introduction to long term injury prevention, including warm up strategies, structured "prehab" exercises, and also ingraining new movement patterns to use during climbing to decrease the likelihood of many common overuse injuries such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff issues and many other things that don't end well. Unlike your normal doctor, he also climbs. Not that there's anything wrong with doctors who don't climb. It just makes him a bit cooler. 

Places are very limited - please go here to book yours: book now

To see more of Dr Jared online, you can also check out his Instagram feed @theclimbingdoctor

The Climbing Doctor