Whether you took part or missed out on summer’s sell out ClimbFlow sessions, The Arch Climbing Wall are proud to be hosting a special “ClimbFlow: Winter Burn Workout” class on Saturday 17th December at 11am. With limited tickets available, get yours now to experience ClimbFlow’s unique fusion of dynamic yoga + functional fitness movement, as the ultimate climbing cross training workout to develop strength, power, control, flex & mobility from the core outwards, as well as antagonistic conditioning. Take part in an hour of head to toe movement that will get you sweating and ensure you don't lose sight of your climbing fitness goals this festive season. The maths is simple! 
Climbing + ClimbFlow + Crimbo Turkey/Tofurkey = Serious Climbing Gains

Tiffany Soi, founder of ClimbFlow, is currently running a Movement Series of videos for the Arch Magazine. Check out the first article & core workout here

ClimbFlow has been receiving rave reviews from the climbing community with feedback including:

"As a climber, ClimbFlow focuses exactly on the weaknesses that I need to improve on that I usually can't get from my strength training. You wouldn't think that it's possible to be strong AND flexible from the same workout but it provides exactly that. It's tremendous!”

“It’s so much more fun than regular yoga. Post class I’ve had my best lead climbing sessions, I feel positive, relaxed and stronger than usual”

You can read the full round up of the summer sessions here

So what are you waiting for? Take action with this Christmas Mitigation Plan and Click here to grab your tickets now before they go!