"Hello everyone! I am delighted to be running my handstand workshop at The Arch and to share with you my love for handstanding. All levels are welcome as I'll be covering the basics (physical, mental and theoretical) on a regular basis. The general goal is to understand and learn all about the handstand so you can perform your handstand as efficiently and as safely as possible."
- Guillermo Justel

The Arch is incredibly excited to welcome back Guillermo Justel with his latest set of Handstand workshops!

Guillermo has been developing a committed handbalancing practice for over six years and has spent the past three years passing on his knowledge and passion to others. He has learned and trained with international handbalancing artists such as Yuval Ayalon, Mikael Kristiansen, Valerie Doucet, Nicolas Montes de Oca, Imogen Huzel and more. He is currently developing his new solo show under the guidance of Tom Weksler.

In his new series of monthly workshops, you will visit the theory and practice of achieving a handstand; using conditioning drills, balance fine-tuning exercises and pair-work to get you upside-down as efficiently as possible.

As a pushing bodyweight class, these are a highly enjoyable accompaniment to your pulling climbing practise. 

Each workshop is one and a half hours long and will be run once a month at Building One from 7:30 pm. Book at the bottom of the page.



Stay up to date and see more from Guillermo, here on his Facebook page