The Arch Giveaway: Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes.

Winning entries in the 'Why I Climb' statement competition are from Amit Gami and Dolly Garland. Congratulations to you both! You are entitled to one free pair of Five Ten Hiangle climbing shoes courtesy of The Arch Climbing Wall.

Amit Gami:

"I climb because I enjoy using my body as a tool to solve physical problems. The simplicity of having a tangible target and hitting it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.
As there is an endless number of indoor and outdoor routes, it's impossible to get bored and you are constantly placing yourself in new scenarios. For me, this is the most exciting aspect of climbing because unlike the repetitive motions of other sports, you never know what you're going to get when climbing a route. 
As you probably know, humans share 98% of our DNA with chimps and chimps love to climb. Although we have evolved, I do believe that we have kept our instinct to climb. Maybe not in a way we can immediately understand or measure but more on a deeper, subconscious level in our brains."

Dolly Garland:

"I climb because it makes me remember that for every ascent there is descent. On the wall and in life. Climb, enjoy the rush. Fall, get up, and climb again."

Here are some our other favourite entries...

Martyn Sklayne:

"Years ago in a school laboratory I was unexpectedly bitten by a spider. Since then I’ve had to burning urge to climb things. Now unfortunately I think the spider I was bitten by was not some mutant super spider that endowed me with superpowers but in fact was just a rather plain daddy long legs.
"This furthermore leads me to suspect that the burning sensation I’ve been feeling rather than a superpower could in fact be an aggressive venereal disease for which I only get temporary distraction from by climbing until my forearms end up burning to a greater degree..."
"With great power comes great responsibility" especially when it comes to an itchy groin..."

Caroline Mulligan

"Allergies: I have to avoid floors as they bring me out in a fierce rash and funny skin discolouration (FACT – it happens *every* time I land on them)."

James Lucking:

"Because I'm too unfit to run away from my problems."

Michael Lawlor

"Because sometimes you just have to ask yourself... What would Jesus do."


"The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is... The Pump. - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Certified OG and known boulderer."

Andrea Nicastro

"Because it terrifies me and because life is too short for comfortable shoes!"


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