Information for Under 18s

General info for Under 18s and Parents

We love to see climbers of all ages, including families, enjoying our centres. 

For children and teens aged 12-17, all prices are half of any adult entrance and shoe hire prices listed, while young children under 12 years old climb completely for free. Under 12’s just need to be accompanied on each visit by an experienced adult climber.

Our rule of thumb is that an experienced climber is someone who has taken an Intro Lesson with us (and has climbed for at least a month after that lesson), or who has at least one month of climbing experience at another centre or outdoors. If you are registering as an experienced climber, please remember that we may ask you some basic safety questions just to make sure we’re happy for you to supervise other people. 

Please remember that a climbing centre is a dangerous environment, and visitors of all ages should behave in a safe way all the time, or we may have to ask them to leave.

Supervising a beginner or Under 18 Year old

We have two different time slots which reflect how busy the centres are likely to be: Peak hours (after 4pm Mon-Fri & during weekends and bank holidays) and off-peak hours (before 4pm on weekdays).

If you’re visiting Building One+, you can supervise 1 novice climber during peak hours, or 2 novice climbers during off peak hours. If you’re visiting Arch North or Arch Acton, you can supervise 2 novice climbers at any time. The supervisor must have climbed at least 4 times at our centres (or 1 month elsewhere). They may be asked some basic safety questions by our reception team.

Children and teens aged between 12 and 17 Years

Pays half regular adult prices. Can climb unsupervised, but need a letter of consent from a guardian.

  • Option 1: if the 12-17 year old has climbed before and their guardian is happy for them to use the centre on their own, the guardian can fill out and submit the under 18’s form. The child can then climb unsupervised. Please refer to our Terms and Policies regarding submitting personal information.

  • Option 2: if they haven’t climbed before, they need to be accompanied on their first visit by an experienced adult climber (please see the supervisor ratios above), and bring in a printed and signed consent form to climb unsupervised on their next visit. 

  • Option 3: they can take part in a regular Intro lesson (which will be in a group with adults) and need to bring in a printed and signed consent form when they arrive for their lesson. After the lesson, they can climb unsupervised.

Children aged under 12 Years

Free entrance + hire shoes, if we have them in size. Can only climb with an experienced adult climber supervising them at all times. This means that when on the climbing mats, the adult must stay in the same climbing area as the children, and keep them in direct sight. Please see the supervisor ratios above. In case we don’t have any small enough hire shoes, please bring a pair of clean trainer type shoes.

Please get in touch if our Under 18's policy isn’t clear, or if you have any questions or concerns about it: